McNamee Medals & Badges

"Quality Medal Mounting Since 1980"


Testimonials on a web page are all well and good if they are true. Not many businesses display negative testimonials in their advertising.  

We at McNamee Medals do not consider that it is necessary for us to provide testimonials. We would rather our customers view our gallery of previous work as testimony to the quality of our work.You may also view samples of our work on our facebook page or at our premises before any order is confirmed.

We guarantee all of our work. However, medal mounting is accomplished by hand and each rack of medals is unique once it is mounted. Because of the individuality no two racks of medals have exactly the same finish  

In our more than forty years of mounting medals we have never to our knowledge had a dissatisfied customer.

Our mission is to provide a prestigious Medal and Replica Medal Mounting and Custom Badge and Coin manufacturing service which, exceeds the expectations of our customers