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Value For Money

We are all interested in what things are going to cost. When what we should be considering is that we are getting value for money.  Value for money is not price alone, but is a combination of a number of things including but not limited to quality, attention to detail, knowledge and experience of the artisan, guarante of workmanship and time to complete, etc.


In addition to offering what we believe are the lowest prices in Western Australia, McNamee Medals prides itself in delivering all of these value for money components.  If you use McNamee Medals you will not be paying up to $30.00 per medal for mounting as some other mounters in WA are charging. You will pay only $15.00 per medal and if you are a serving member of the ADF or a police officer you will receive a discount on this price.

Our replica medals start for most common medals at $22.00 per replica and $12.00 per minature.  Ribbon bars are $5.50 per ribbon plus an additional $1.00 per ribbon for plastic coating.

For less common medals and foreign medals the price will vary depending upon the medal.

NOTE: All of our prices are inclusive of GST. When comparing medal mounting prices on line always check that the price stated includes GST.  Some businesses only add GSt at checkout so in essence it is hidden if you are only doing a price check.


Our quality of workmanship is second to none.  We only use best quality British manufactured cotton ribbon and Military Buckram for our Court mounting backing.  Military buckram is a stiff hessian material that has been used for court mounting of medals for decades.  It is in fact mandated by the UK Ministry of Defence and is the preferred backing material of the Australian Defence Force.  Military buckram is far superior to cardboard and plastics used by many medal mounters and its use ensures that the medals remain tightly held down to the backing for a longer time than other materials. We recommend that you always ask what materials a mounter uses before placing an order.

Unlike many medal mounters we always sew clasps or bars to the medal ribbon this ensure that if the clasp or bar catches, it will never be pulled off and lost.

Attention to Detail

We believe that attention to detail is paramount when mounting medals and that is why we carry a current library of medal mounting instructions issued by the Governor Genrals Department , State Services , the UK, NZ, USA, Canada and a number of foreign countries.  This library allows us to ensure that your medals are mounted in the correct way.

Our method of court mounting is done in such a fashion that it is a simple process for us to attach new or addtional clasps/bars without a total remount, thus keeping the cost to our customers to a minimum.

Knowledge and Experience of the Mounter

Having been mounting medals for more than 42 years our master medal mounter has an vast knowledge of medals. He served in the RAN for 38.5 years and was awarded a number of medals which he wears with pride. His personal relationship with the military, provides McNamee Medals and Badges with a deep understanding of what medals mean to those who have earned them and the importance of keeping them well maintained and mounted correctly in accordance with the medal mounting protocols of the organisation that awarded them.


We guarantee our workmanships and the accuracy of our mounting.

Work Completion Timeline

Under normal circumstances McNamee Medals deliver ourmedal service within two working days of order placement. You may deliver and pick up your medals from us or you can mail them to us (we recommend AUSPOST tracked mail) and for a minimal additional cost we will mail them to you via tracked express mail service.

If you require replica or miniature medals and you can accurately identify the medals you require.  You only have to call or e mail us a list or a photograph of the medals and we will mount up the replicas or miniatures and you will only have to visit us once to pick them up.

If you have an urgent requirement please ask, we may be able to assist.

Our mission is to provide a prestigious Medal and Replica Medal Mounting and Custom Badge and Coin manufacturing service which, exceeds the expectations of our customers