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Commemorative & Association Medals

Although Commemorative medals are not worn with officially awarded medals some people like to keep these medals as recognition of their service and their membership of organisations and also as part of collections.  A number of commemorative medals issued by associations and organisations are available as replicas and or miniatures, these include but are not limited to the following.

Australian Prisoner of War Medal

Allied Ex Prisoner of War Medal

Australian National Service Medal 51/-72

Australian Security Medal

Battle for Malta Medal

BCOF Medal

Bomber Command Medal

British Fire Association Medal (Silver or Bronze)

FESR Medal

Front Line Service Medal

HMAS Sydney Medal

Malta George Cross 50th Anniversary Medal

Tobruk Siege Medal

The Regular Forces Medal

The Conscripts Medal

The CMF/Reserve Medal

The Emergency Service Medal

The Merchant Navy Medal

The Remembrance Medal

The Police Remembrance Medal

British QEII Golden Jubilee Medal

and others.

If the medal required is not listed please contact us

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