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Medal & Mounting Services

Medal Mounting

McNamee Medals provide court or swing mounting of either existing medals or miniatures, or we can

provide and mount replica and new miniature medals as required. IMPORTANTLY-McNamee Medals communicates with regularly with Honours and Awards officers and maintains a current library of Medal precedences and mounting regulations for all National and State medals we also regularly update our copy of medals regulations for The UK, USA, Canada and many other countries.  

Mounting Products used by McNamee Medals

McNamee Medals only uses quality products when mounting medals.  Unlike many other medal mounters who use carboard or cheap plastic products as a backing material when court mounting medals. McNamee Medals always uses military buckram which we import directly from the UK especially for the task.  As it is made for purpose military buckram is the Australian Defence Force preferred backing material for court mounting of medals.  

Court Mounting

Court mounting of medals was historically reserved for those medal recipients who were awarded their medal at the Royal Court, while all other recipients wore their medals swing mounted. Over the years this tradition has been relaxed and today all Australian medal recipients have the choice to wear their medals court mounted. Since 2010 court mounting of medals has been mandatory for all serving Australian Defence Force and Reserve Force personnel. We have noticed that 98% of all our customers request court mounting for thier medals.

When medals are Court Mounted the medals with their riband (ribbon) are sewn to a solid backing which extends behind the medals keeping them rigid. The riband is extended down the rigid backing and behind the medal which is sewn to the rigid backing. This method of mounting protects the medal and ribbon enhances the look of the medals overall.

Mounting of full size medals (including replicas) $15.00 each medal*, miniatures $15.00 each medal

Swing Mounting

Swing Mounted medals are mounted such that they are able to swing freely on the mounting bar. When medals are swing mounted, they require much more care and attention than when they are court mounted, as the medals tend to clash together when worn. Over time this continual contact may damage the medals and ribbon, reducing their visual appearance. Hence for protection of your medals McNamee Medals recommend court mounting.  

Mounting of full size medals (including replicas) $15.00 each medal*, miniatures $15.00 each medal*.

ADF - Afghanistan and Timor Leste

WWII Campaign and Merchant Navy Cross (Commem)

Ribbon Bars

McNamee Medals provide clutch pin style ribbon bars. If the number of medals (more than four ribbons) requires more than one bar, the bars can be joined (for a small fee) to ensure accuracy of placement when worn.

Ribbon bars from $5.50 per medal ribbon*for plastic coating add $1 per ribbon.

RAN - Indon Confrontation, Vietnam, FESR, & Long Service

Replica and Miniature Medals

McNamee Medals specialise in the provision and mounting of Replicas and Miniatures of all Australian and British Commonwealth medals. Replicas and Miniature medals are also available for UN, NATO,US and European Union medals and some foreign medals.

Replicas start from $22.00 per full size medal and $12.00 per miniature*

Method of Service

Under normal circumstances we are able to provide a prompt service within two working days of order placement. Service is provided by customer delivery and pick up or for a minimal additional cost via registered mail service.

*All bars, clasps and other accoutrements are an additional cost

Army - WWI Pacific Campaign, Dutch War Cross & Phillipines Liberation

Our mission is to provide a prestigious Medal and Replica Medal Mounting manufacturing service which, exceeds the expectations of our customers